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What are RV/Camping Location Rights?If you purchase a listing for RV/Camping Location Rights, you become the Account Holder of Record with the Ticket Office for that RV/Camping Location and you will receive all future invoices and correspondence. The previous owner will no longer have any "rights" to the RV/Camping Location.
How long are RV/Camping Location Rights good for?To keep your renewal rights, you must purchase the camping pass each year and meet any additional obligations required by Texas Motor Speedway to remain in good standing. The future ability to purchase tickets and camping passes will continue to be subject to the rules and regulations set by Texas Motor Speedway, which may be amended at any time. To read rules and policies for RV/Camping Areas click here.

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2016 Season Prices Per RV/Camping Area
RV/Camping Area Row Turn Spots Season Price
Infield Paddock 1 1 88-131 $2,750
Infield Paddock 1 4 401-424 $2,750
Infield Paddock 2 1 132-163 $2,500
Infield Paddock 2 4 425-446 $2,500
Infield Wall 1 2-3 All $2,000
Infield Interior 2+ 2-3 All $1,150
VIP Campground $1,500
Lone Star Circle Campground $500
Victory Circle Campground $350

* Infield camping requires each person have an Infield Pass, which can be purchased at the gate or before Race Week for $70.
Information and Maps for RV/Camping AreasClick to read information and download the map for each RV/Camping Area:

Infield Camping

VIP Campground

Lone Star Circle Campground

Victory Circle Campground

2012 Race Schedule
The following is the 2012 Race Schedule at Texas Motor Speedway Speedway:
Seating Area Game Season
Legacy Club $375 $3,750
Red Club $350 $3,500
Gold Club $325 $3,250

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